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Finn flirting with Rae

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Maybe… I don’t want to be your f r i e n d. Why not?

When will they ever get into their heads that they were never friends. From the moment they decide to be friends they were already tethering on the edge of something more. 

I ask myself the same question, Étaín. I think that’s the scariest part of their whole relationship. Emotionally, they’ve always been so much more to each other. They don’t really know how to be friends, if that makes sense. I feel there has always been feelings there for at least one of them. (Since I think it’s obvious he liked her first.) I think that’s why it was so hard for Finn to be okay with, “just being friends,” when she broke up with him and decided distancing himself was best because he didn’t know exactly how to be just her friend when he clearly didn’t want to be just that. He couldn’t pretend that his feelings for her never existed, so I think he needed time not to forget his feelings for her or to get over her, but to learn how to be what she wanted him to be at the time, a friend.

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Interviewer: Douglas, you only have to look at a co-star and apparently you’re going out with them.

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if you were trapped in a big gigantic maze like in the movie what thing would you want to have with you to help you get out of it?

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My favorite Rae outfits.

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Where is Chloe?

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